How to Play the Guitar – Tips by GTA Music School

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but do not know from where to start? Don’t worry, now you are at the right place. Means, after reading this article, you will definitely play the guitar without any nervousness. This article will guide you and you can easily play your first song on guitar.

By following some important steps, to learn Guitar Lessons both electric guitar and the acoustic guitar. Whether you are a new to the guitar or you have little bit knowledge about the guitar, this article is for everyone. A guitar is used to play every type of song from rock music to classical. Once you get the basic knowledge, you can learn how to play the guitar very easily.

1. Analyze the Parts of the Guitar: Before playing an electric guitar or the acoustic guitar, you need to identify all the parts of it. Knowing the names of the every part of a guitar, can be the first hurdle. But it is very easy. A guitar has various parts and each part is known for its specialty, such as body, neck, headstock, waist, fingerboard, frets, volume controller, tuner pegs and nut.

guitarposture2. Hold the Guitar Correctly: Before holding the guitar, first consider your sitting position. There is not a particular or fixed sitting position to play a guitar. You can sit as you feel comfortable. It does not matter, how you sit, ensure your knees are high enough to support the guitar. If you are not comfortable in sitting position, you can play it in standing position.

3. Tune the Guitar: Tuning the guitar properly make a music that liked by everyone. A poorly or badly tuned an instrument make a horrible music. If you are a master on guitar, tuning a guitar is very easy for you. For the beginners, it can be a little bit difficult. There are six strings on a guitar, these are known as E, A, D, G, B and again E.

4. Practice makes Perfect: Have you ever been heard that practice makes perfect? If so, you need a practice on a regular basis to become a master on guitar. A regular practice makes you an expert.

5. Hold the Pick: It is a small tear shaped piece of plastic. To play a guitar hold the pick or plectrum between your first finger and thumb. Make sure you don’t hold it too tight or too loose. Otherwise, it does not make perfect music.

If you are thinking to learn a guitar, keep these tips in your mind. It will help you to learn a guitar easily. You can visit our official website or contact us at 416-543-2022 to know more about our other music services.


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