4 Flute Care Tips That You Ought to Know

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Those who have attended a music school in Mississauga for learning flute will appreciate the fact that perfect flute music always demands a clean and well-maintained flute. If you have not kept your instrument in the right shape, things can go very wrong. For instance, your flute might start accumulating rust, or the keys that are filled with dirt might prevent you to change your notes or your mouth might get infected by using a dirty mouthpiece.

Hence, it is always a good idea to keep your flute clean. Following are some worthy tips straight from the desks of trainers who teach in the best music schools of Mississauga.

1. Keep Your Hands Clean – The first step towards proper care of your flute begins with you yourself. Always remember to clean your hands before you even start cleaning or playing with your flute. Music schools in Mississauga always press the fact that clean hands are quintessential before one handles his/her flute. So, flute players need to understand that by ignoring their own cleanliness they are simply bringing havoc for their dear flute.

2. Disassembling the Flute – One cannot clean his/her flute properly without disassembling it. Usually good music schools in Mississauga teach novice flute players the process of disassembling, however, in case you haven’t figured out yet then here’s how. Hold your flute with your left hand where generally the brand-name is inscribed. After that clamp the flute’s foot joint and then turn it which will simply detach it. Next, twist the head joint and remove it while you still hold the rest of the flute. This way you’ll successfully disassemble your flute after which you can clean it properly.

3. Cleaning the Flute – While it may seem odd to know, however, you doesn’t actually clean the flute. Instead, you dry it. Drying the flute helps to remove all the moisture that’s present inside the flute and which comes from your breath. Like leading music schools in Mississauga teach, moisture in the flute gives birth to rust which then compromises with the music’s quality. After drying your flute, clean the flute with a dry cloth. To do this, fold the cloth lengthwise and tread it along the flute’s length and push or twist it so that it effectively cleans your flute’s body.

4. Never Ditch the Case – So as to keep your instrument in a good shape, one should always remember to place it inside its case whenever it is not in use. Moreover, never leave anything which is damp inside your flute’s case since moisture might come out of it and permanently damage your instrument. Music schools in Mississauga also advise not to grease any part of the flute since that can be done best only by expert hands.

Procrastinating your flute’s service can cause a great deal of damage to your instrument. In fact, those who offer music classes in Mississauga also advise beginners to get their instrument insured since this way you wouldn’t have to pay maintenance and repair costs. GTA Music School, we have one of the most proficient and experienced flute teachers. We also offer quality training in various other instruments like drums, guitar etc. Call us anytime at 416-543-2022 to know more about our distinguished music classes in Mississauga.



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