Tips on How to Buy Your First Guitar

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 1.39.47 PM_1So, you have decided to learn a guitar, great. But do you know, purchasing your first guitar can be a daunting task. There are two basic things important to remember, the first is a type of guitar like electric or acoustic and the second is your budget. Keep these things in your mind when you go to a store with someone who knows about guitar.

Sometimes people take time of various months to find out the perfect guitar that suits their taste. It is a process that every novice goes through. Your taste changes with the time. By neglecting some essential steps, you may have chosen a guitar that is boring or hard to play. Resulting in dissatisfaction and lose interest in learning a guitar.

1. Consider your choice: As you know there are two types of guitar available, the first is acoustic and the second is an electric guitar. An acoustic guitar is used to produce sound acoustically. There are two sub categories of an acoustic guitar such as nylon stringed classical guitar and steel stringed classical guitar. These two types of guitar, produce a total different tone from each other.

Holding down an electric guitar is easy and it transforms the vibration to its strings into electronic impulses. There are literally various electronic guitars, so, it is a little bit difficult to choose the right one.

2. Consider your budget: Every person tries to buy the best guitar at the first time. But don’t throw all your saving at the guitar. If you like an electronic guitar, you have to buy the amplifier with it, which is not good for you if you have limited budget. If you don’t have ample money, acoustically is a good option for you. But don’t go too cheap.

3. Consider buying used or a new one: If you have a tight budget, check some websites who sell second hand guitars like Craigslist and eBay. If you are not interested to buy a guitar online, you can visit a store and ask them for used or second hand guitars. Make sure before purchasing you play some guitars. If you are not able to play, you can bring someone with you who does know how to play.

4. Accessories you will need, other than the guitar: Do you know when you purchase a guitar, you will get plenty of guitar accessories. This accessory included electric tuner, capo, guitar stand, string cleaner or string wipes, string clutter/winder, extra picks, gig bag and metronome. You don’t need to buy everything. Here are some important things that you need – guitar stand, picks, electric tuner, gig bag and capo.

5. Tryout: Don’t buy the guitar from the first shop. Roaming around and go to different shops. Try as many guitars as you can and feel the difference. Don’t make your decision immediately in excitement. Visit at least two or three shops and then make your decision.

So there you have all the important facts that you need to keep in mind when you are thinking about to purchase your first guitar. If you consider all these points before purchasing, you have a really good starting point. Still, if you have any doubt or question, you can contact us.GTA Music School in Mississauga will help you to buy a new guitar.


How to Play the Guitar – Tips by GTA Music School

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but do not know from where to start? Don’t worry, now you are at the right place. Means, after reading this article, you will definitely play the guitar without any nervousness. This article will guide you and you can easily play your first song on guitar.

By following some important steps, to learn Guitar Lessons both electric guitar and the acoustic guitar. Whether you are a new to the guitar or you have little bit knowledge about the guitar, this article is for everyone. A guitar is used to play every type of song from rock music to classical. Once you get the basic knowledge, you can learn how to play the guitar very easily.

1. Analyze the Parts of the Guitar: Before playing an electric guitar or the acoustic guitar, you need to identify all the parts of it. Knowing the names of the every part of a guitar, can be the first hurdle. But it is very easy. A guitar has various parts and each part is known for its specialty, such as body, neck, headstock, waist, fingerboard, frets, volume controller, tuner pegs and nut.

guitarposture2. Hold the Guitar Correctly: Before holding the guitar, first consider your sitting position. There is not a particular or fixed sitting position to play a guitar. You can sit as you feel comfortable. It does not matter, how you sit, ensure your knees are high enough to support the guitar. If you are not comfortable in sitting position, you can play it in standing position.

3. Tune the Guitar: Tuning the guitar properly make a music that liked by everyone. A poorly or badly tuned an instrument make a horrible music. If you are a master on guitar, tuning a guitar is very easy for you. For the beginners, it can be a little bit difficult. There are six strings on a guitar, these are known as E, A, D, G, B and again E.

4. Practice makes Perfect: Have you ever been heard that practice makes perfect? If so, you need a practice on a regular basis to become a master on guitar. A regular practice makes you an expert.

5. Hold the Pick: It is a small tear shaped piece of plastic. To play a guitar hold the pick or plectrum between your first finger and thumb. Make sure you don’t hold it too tight or too loose. Otherwise, it does not make perfect music.

If you are thinking to learn a guitar, keep these tips in your mind. It will help you to learn a guitar easily. You can visit our official website or contact us at 416-543-2022 to know more about our other music services.

How to Choose the Right Guitar Instructor

merrill7bFinding a guitar teacher is not as easy as finding a tuition teacher for your kid. Most of the people are completely unskilled to make a decision that who is a better guitar teacher for them. Learning a guitar is can be extremely rewarding, but finding the right person to learn it very daunting task.

Many people offer your various services and compel you get the admission in their school, but it is very hard to figure out who among them are the best. If you want to become a world class guitar player, you need a person, who will guide you in achieving your goals. To become a competent musician and guitar player, find a competent guitar instructor.

1. Know about the qualification and experience: It is the most important quality of the music instructor. If an instructor fails to provide the knowledge of music instrument and do not able to learn a guitar, he or she not a good music teacher. It does not matter how much experience he or she has. Having a degree in music is not a guarantee that he is a good teacher. Experience in the related field is a must.

2. Teaching ability: In starting, it is very difficult to find the teacher, you choose is able to teach you or not. There are so many guitar instructors who do not like to express their teaching ability verbally, but they express their personality through instruments.

3. Teaching example: Most of the guitar instructors provide you a demo class before joining their institution. This demo class shows their teaching style. The students of the institution are the good example to know about to your new music teacher. If you not satisfied with his teaching, you can move on the next.

4. Motivation: You can easily find some teachers who are not motivated to teach you. They just do this to earn a few dollars. A teacher who is talking about something else than the guitar, means he is not interesting to teach you. By mistake, if you chose this type of guitar teacher for your classes, you should immediately replace it with experienced and motivated instructor.

5. Know about the fees: Always cheap is not bad and expensive is not good. Choosing a good instructor with great knowledge, experience is the best for you. No matter what he charged? Finding an instructor with high charges does not mean he is the right teacher for you. You need to find some more options.

Guitar instructor is the only person who shows you the right way toward becoming a good guitar player. That’s why it is important that finding an experienced teacher. If you want to achieve your music goal, visit GTA Music School in Mississauga.

How to Find the Best Piano Teacher for Your Child – Easy Tips Are Here

Your child wants to learn a piano. Great, but finding the best piano teacher to improve his or her skills, is very important. Having a qualified, experienced and responsible piano teacher is very important. If you are a beginner and don’t have any idea about piano, you need the best piano teacher for your child.

When you start your research, remember one thing that you search a piano teacher for your child not for another one. You can find so easily so many music schools that provide you piano lessons and classes in Mississauga. Make sure you have experienced teacher because most of the music schools have young teachers and don’t thing so they have much experience in this field.

piano Music teacher

1. Consider your goal: You are a beginner, right? So, before starting your search for a teacher, consider about your goal and expectations. You have just seven or eight-year-old child who is interested to learn piano from basic. You need to know that the pianist is able to teach your child from basic. However, finding the best piano teacher is a very daunting task, but one thing keeps in the mind the best pianist will be the best teacher for your kid.

2. Know what you are looking for: You consider your goal and expectations, great. Now it’s time to know about your research. So, which type of teacher are you looking for your child? The most important thing, before looking for the teacher, consider about your budget once and check the terms of time scheduling.

3. Search around: You are not able to go outside or visit the music school personally. Don’t take tension, the internet is the answer for your every type of question. If your friend, colleague or neighbor has experience in this field, you can ask them about their experience if they are willing to share their experience with you. You can ask them that how did they choose a piano teacher?

4. Interview the teacher: The interview will help you know that the teacher is good for your child or not. You can ask her or him plenty of questions regarding his or her experience, qualification, and work style. Find the comfortable environment for your child. That’s why it is important that the teacher provides him or her a comfortable zone in the class.

Whether you want to hire a piano teacher online or a teacher in person, make sure you decide your goal, expectations and also have a great strategy to learn a piano. A teacher is only person, who can fulfill your dreams. Get in touch with GTA Music School to know more about other music services.

4 Flute Care Tips That You Ought to Know

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Those who have attended a music school in Mississauga for learning flute will appreciate the fact that perfect flute music always demands a clean and well-maintained flute. If you have not kept your instrument in the right shape, things can go very wrong. For instance, your flute might start accumulating rust, or the keys that are filled with dirt might prevent you to change your notes or your mouth might get infected by using a dirty mouthpiece.

Hence, it is always a good idea to keep your flute clean. Following are some worthy tips straight from the desks of trainers who teach in the best music schools of Mississauga.

1. Keep Your Hands Clean – The first step towards proper care of your flute begins with you yourself. Always remember to clean your hands before you even start cleaning or playing with your flute. Music schools in Mississauga always press the fact that clean hands are quintessential before one handles his/her flute. So, flute players need to understand that by ignoring their own cleanliness they are simply bringing havoc for their dear flute.

2. Disassembling the Flute – One cannot clean his/her flute properly without disassembling it. Usually good music schools in Mississauga teach novice flute players the process of disassembling, however, in case you haven’t figured out yet then here’s how. Hold your flute with your left hand where generally the brand-name is inscribed. After that clamp the flute’s foot joint and then turn it which will simply detach it. Next, twist the head joint and remove it while you still hold the rest of the flute. This way you’ll successfully disassemble your flute after which you can clean it properly.

3. Cleaning the Flute – While it may seem odd to know, however, you doesn’t actually clean the flute. Instead, you dry it. Drying the flute helps to remove all the moisture that’s present inside the flute and which comes from your breath. Like leading music schools in Mississauga teach, moisture in the flute gives birth to rust which then compromises with the music’s quality. After drying your flute, clean the flute with a dry cloth. To do this, fold the cloth lengthwise and tread it along the flute’s length and push or twist it so that it effectively cleans your flute’s body.

4. Never Ditch the Case – So as to keep your instrument in a good shape, one should always remember to place it inside its case whenever it is not in use. Moreover, never leave anything which is damp inside your flute’s case since moisture might come out of it and permanently damage your instrument. Music schools in Mississauga also advise not to grease any part of the flute since that can be done best only by expert hands.

Procrastinating your flute’s service can cause a great deal of damage to your instrument. In fact, those who offer music classes in Mississauga also advise beginners to get their instrument insured since this way you wouldn’t have to pay maintenance and repair costs. GTA Music School, we have one of the most proficient and experienced flute teachers. We also offer quality training in various other instruments like drums, guitar etc. Call us anytime at 416-543-2022 to know more about our distinguished music classes in Mississauga.


Things to Consider When Choosing A Music School in Mississauga

Music School Mississauga

You are passionate about music and want to pursue a career in this field. But, for that you need a music school Mississauga that can guide you towards the right path so that you can get huge success in music industry. Remember one size never fits all. So, that you need a music school that can provide you dedicated and experienced faculty to provide  Mississauga. When you are looking for a music school Mississauga, it is vital to take into account a few essential things. Here are some helpful tips to reach out a school that is perfect for you.

Comprehensive Music Sessions – Make sure you choose a music school Mississauga that provides comprehensive music education. They should provide piano, voice, guitar, string, woodwind, brass, drums; group lessons and more all under one roof. This way you will be able to explore your abilities and also try your hands on different instruments.

School Faculty – The school you are choosing should have well experienced and qualified music teachers who could understand your music goals and teach you accordingly. You can ask the school about their faculty members and about their experience. Experienced teachers will judge your ability and focus on those points where you lack to improve your music skills.

Location – Location also plays a vital role in choosing a music school. You need a school that is easily accessible. This way you can also attend the music lessons during odd hours knowing that your house is just nearby. Moreover, most of the people go for music classes after their school, college or work. Having a music school near your home will help you avoid traveling hassles.

State-of-the-art Modern Facility – The school should have modern and well-planned facilities. The school should be equipped with the right equipments to provide great music education to the students. It would be great if the school has proper music teaching applications/software.

A Wide Range of Music Lesson Times Available – Make sure you choose a school that is providing multiple class times. This way you can choose the time that best suits you as per your work and study. Music is for everyone. So whether you are a college student, working professional, retiree or a parent, always look for flexible schedule to get the best out of your music classes.

At GTA Music, we are a full-service music school in GTA. Our music lessons cover every major instrument training including drums, violin, piano, flute and many more. If you are looking for a professional and affordable music school in GTA, look no further than GTA Music School.